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Process Flow Chart of Scouring and Bleaching

Process Flow Chart of Scouring and Bleaching
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Scouring is the process by which all natural and adventitious impurities are removed to produce hydrophilic and clean textile material. It is one of the important process of wet processing. It is done also for increasing absorbency of textile material.

Bleaching is chemical treatment employed for the removal of natural coloring matter from the substrate. Main purpose of bleaching is to ensure a pure and permanent basic white color fabric.
Textile bleaching
Textile bleaching
The following flowchart will be applicable for knit dyeing and specially for jet dyeing machine.

Process Flow Chart of Scouring/ Bleaching:

Machine filling with water

Chemical Dozing at 50 0C

Run time 10 min.

H2O2 Dozing

Heating at 60 0C

NaOH dozing

Heating at 110 0C

Run time 20 min.

Cooling at 95 0C

Rinse at 80 0C

H2O2 - Killer Dozing

Run time 10 min

Run time 10min.

Cooling for 55 0C

Acid wash 3 min Drain