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Flow Chart of Cone Under Picking Mechanism

Flow Chart of Cone Under Picking Mechanism

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What is Picking?

Picking is the second primary motion in weaving. The action of inserting weft yarn through the warp yarns is called picking. Under picking is controlled by picking cam which is fixed on the bottom shaft. At first the motion comes from motor and m/c pulley. Picking is two types. One is over picking and another is under picking. In previous article we have discussed about over picking mechanism. Now I will give flowchart of under picking mechanism of loom.
Cone under picking mechanism
Cone under picking mechanism

Working Flow Chart of Cone Under Picking:

The tappet is driven by the bottom shaft

When the picking tappet strikes the picking cone, it displaced and the side shaft is turned

The turning action of side shaft pulls the picking stick which is connected to side shaft by picking strap

The lower end of picking stick is pivoted. So that is pulled with the pulling of side shaft

Then the picker connected to picking arm strikes the shuttle and causes it to pass through the warp shed

Picking is done