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Working Flow Chart of a Garment Merchandiser

Working Flow Chart of a Garment Merchandiser
Noor Ahmed Raaz
Asst. Merchandiser
A.M.C.S Textile Ltd

Garment Merchandiser:

Merchandiser is he who builds up relationship with the buyer and acts as a seller. He plays a vital role in an organization in a sense that he bears more responsibility than other in regards to execution of an order. Works of  merchandiser is called merchandising. He carries a huge importance for a garments factory because on a merchandiser the whole profit or losses are depending. Because a silly mistake by him can be million dollar loss. The aim of merchandiser is to sell the garments at more valuable price than the total cost of fabric, accessories, others things, the labor cost, rent of factory, etc. Working flowchart of an apparel merchandiser is given below.
Merchandiser in on duty
Merchandiser in on duty

Working Flow Chart of a Garment Merchandiser

Sourcing of buyer (hosting webpage, preparing profile, visiting buying house etc)

Receive order sheet.

Discuss with planning department for availability of production space.

Discuss with prod Dir/GM for capability of handling such order and probable productivity per hr.

Analyze product package and space sheet for costing.

Find out the consumption of fabric.

Analyze the fabric content, knitting pattern, GSM and do fabric costing.

List out all Accessories, do the consumption and costing.

Analyze printing, embroidery, value addition work washing for costing.

Analyze productivity per Hr with machine and manpower requirement (May take help from production people).

Assess cost of making per Dozen.

Confirm price from component authority

Quote price to buyer

Negotiate price with buyer

Confirm order with buyer

Prepare time and action calendar (with available production lead time)

Prepare Gantt chart (In support of T&A and incorporate all important issues and events with completion date)

Receive size color breakdown and color standard.

Prepare lab dip, strike off, yarn dip etc and arrange approval of the same.

Receive art work and sample for printing, embroidery, value addition work, washing and get approval for the same.

Develop all samples and submit the same to buyer for necessary approval.

Obtain and ensure all approval as per T&A and Gantt chart to facilities production as per plan.

Receive master L/C

Prepare final cost approval sheet to facilitate opening of all BB L/C.

Open BB L/C for yarn, accessories, printing, embroidery etc

Arrange all fabric and accessories and ensure in house of the same as per T&A.

Source for printing, embroidery, value add work, washing and complete deed of agreement with them.

Ensure inventory of all items on arrival to store to confirm the qty, color, sizes and quality as per requirement

Arrange all pre-production meeting and inspection on time.

Arrange all lab test on time.

Ensure dispatch and approval of all samples which may affect the final inspection and shipment

Arrange final inspection on schedule date.

Do load calculation and ensure booking of all load carrying transport well in advance.

Ensure space booking with sea and air freight forwarder.

Help commercial department to submit all documents to bank on time.

Ensure realization of full payment as per shipped qty and price