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Manufacturing Process Flow Chart of Acetate Fiber

Manufacturing Process Flow Chart of Acetate Fiber
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Acetate fiber:
Textile fibers which are composed of ester cellulose are called acetate fibers. Acetate is a manufactured fibre in which the forming substance is cellulose acetate. Where not less than 92% of the hydroxyl groups are acetylate may be used as a generic description of the fibre. Acetate filament yarns are referred to as "Fibers of Beauty", because they have luster and tactile feeling as silk fibers. Acetate fibers are frequently used for women's dresses and exhibits their beauty in the form of women's formal wear, suits, coats or knitwear.Acetate (staple tow) is used for almost all cigarette filters.
acetate fiber
Acetate fiber
Flow Chart of Acetate Fiber Manufacturing Process:

Purification of cellulose



Hydrolysis (for acetate)


Washing & drying


Dope preparation

Dry spinning