Process Flow Chart of Sewing Department in Garment Industry


Sewing is the process of fastening or attaching two parts of fabric using stitches made with a needle and thread. It is one of the basic steps of the apparel manufacturing process. The sewing section is the most important department of the garment manufacturing industry. Process Flow Chart of the Sewing Department in Garment Industry is as follows:

Sewing Department in Garment Industry
Sewing process

Working Procedure of Sewing Department

Garment analysis

Target set up for production (on the basis of ship schedule)

Machine layout

Operator layout

Quality control of product

Line balancing

Line setup

Process distribution

Parts received from cutting dept.

Parts storing

Parts distribution to the operator and helper

Position mark to components where required

Parts making (individual)

Inline quality checking

Parts assembling

Inline quality audit

Output counting & checked with the target

End line quality audit

Sewing Department in Garment Industry:

Garment manufacturing is quite different from any other conventional manufacturing. It is not a continuous production method. Each style is a different product that requires a different type of fabric, color, buttons, thread, etc. The sewing process is one of the most important stages in labor-intensive ready-made clothing enterprises.

In this section, each and every sewing machine and job of machine operators should be inspected on a routine basis for identifying, correcting, and controlling faults and maintaining the quality of products. To ensure the quality of the product, quality control personnel have to control quality in a different section in the garment industry, which is directly or indirectly involved with the production.

Sewing is a big important part of a garment’s product. Without good sewing, we cannot introduce our products worldwide. Sewing is a process where two pieces of fabric are joined. Many factors are related to sewing. So the sewing section is not only fabric join, it is a core part of the garment manufacturing industry.

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