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Flow Chart of Warping Process

Flow Chart of Warping Process
S. M. Hossen Uzzal
Production Officer
Monno Fabrics Ltd., Manikgonj

Warping is defined as the parallel winding of yarn from cone or cheese package on to a warp beam. The warping consists of collecting predetermined number of ends from a set of wound package and transferring them in a sheet form to a weavers beam.
Warping process
Warping process
Or, the operation of winding warp yarns to a beam usually in preparation for sizing, weaving or warp knitting is called warping.

Types of Warping
  1. Beam/Direct Warping (Preparatory beam warping)
  2. Sectional Warping (Conical drum or dresser warping) 
Flow Chart of Warping Process:
Warping are two types. So warping process flowchart are given in separately.

Flow Chart of Direct Warping:




Beam for Sizing

Flow Chart of Sectional Warping



Beam (Weaver’s Beam)