Interlock Knit: The Go-To Fabric For Versatile Fashion

Interlock knit fabric is a different type of fabric than other traditional types. It is because of the unique type of stretching, double knitting norms, and extra thick durability. This sort of knit fabric is popular among people due to using two sets of needles on both sides.

These two sets of needling fabric are then connected with extraordinary stitches. Due to the double layer of stitching traits, these clothes are usually everywhere. It lasts more than a year and is worthy of making underwear, baby suits, jerseys, etc.

It is beneficial if you want to make anything from this fabric and are eager to know many things about it. Therefore, keep reading this one, where we have tried to discuss everything about the fabric in detail.

Interlock knit fabric
Fig: Interlock knit fabric

What is Interlock Fabric, and What Material Does it Belong to?
German interlocking fabric began its history in the 1900s. Garment manufacturers in Germany used this fabric to make hosiery, underwear, and other thick types of clothing. Interlock fabric is usually made with two types of layers, along with extra stitching from both sides. It looks very durable for the double layers. Double layering knitting made it more popular for manufacturing different athletes’ costumes, sportswear, and other casual clothing from the 1940s.

For material, interlock fabric has been made with two fabrics together. Fabrics made from this material are sometimes made from wool and cotton. The materials used to make these garments often include spandex, polyester, and other materials. These two layers make the clothes stronger, thicker, and reversible. The clothes made with this fabric seem very soft, along with silky-smooth textures.

Some Demonstrate Features of Interlock Knit Fabrics:
Interlock knit fabric usually comes with some demonstrative interlocking knit fabrics. Here in are they in an elaborate manner.

1. Interlock Fabrics are Usually Soft and Smooth:
One of the most common features of this fabric is that it is soft, smooth, and well-textured. The outlying border of every piece of clothing seems natural, simple, and comfortable. You can make different t-shirts, dresses, and baby clothing.

2. Stretchy and Breathable:
Second, this fabric seems stretchy and breathable. For this, it can absorb moisture very quickly. You feel cool inside in summer by wearing clothes made of interlocking fabric.

3. Fast-drying, Smooth and Pill-resistant:
You may feel the extraordinary characteristics of this fabric. It feels so soft in your hand, and you feel the difference. This fabric dries fast and requires only a simple drying process, which you follow to other traditional fabrics. Making any bed or pillow cover, this type of fabric is necessary as they’d resist pills.

4. Won’t Damage or Curl Even After Long Time Usage:
This fabric won’t get curled or damaged even after long-term usage. If you stretch it for any work, it will return to its original size and shape within a second.

5 Types of Interlock Knit Fabrics:
Unlike any traditional knit fabric, interlock knit fabric comes in five types. Here are their detailed features and advantages.

1. Cotton Interlock Fabric:
The cotton interlock fabric is excellent, especially on warm summer days. That interlock fabric is made with 100% cotton and is easy to wash and dry for its superb absorption power. Creating any comfortable clothing like a t-shirt, slim costumes, and inner undergarments is excellent for making with this.

2. Polyester Interlock Fabric:
Its stretchy fabric is what makes polyester so popular. Petroleum is often used for the production of synthetic fibers. Synthetic fiber is ideal for manufactured leggings, athletic tops, and gym pants due to its low absorption power. Apart from this, it has high resilience and resistance power for quick drying and washing.

3. Nylon/Spandex Interlock Fabric:
Nylon or spandex is another good fabric for this Knit Fabric manufacturing that is durable, flexible, and elastic. It will be an excellent choice for those looking for extra warm clothing. This fabric is suitable to wear in cold weather. This fabric is worth shapewear for stretch-ability because you can wear it without sacrificing comfort and amenity.

4. Bamboo Rayon Type Fabric:
Bamboo rayon is the most enormous fabric for its eco-friendly traits. It requires less water for washing as well as drying. Bamboo shoots are solid and durable, but their clothing is also durable, strong, and breathable. You can wear it traditionally.

Besides, bamboo rayon has additional antibacterial properties, which help make intimate suits and clothing items like underwear, nightgowns, sleepwear, etc. For soft, healthy properties and textures, bamboo rayon fabric is a top-notch choice for infant and school-going kids.

5. Modal Interlock Fabric:
Last but not least, the modal is none but different from other traditional fabrics. Known for its silk-like texture and softness, beech tree cellulose makes it popular. Fashionable clothing is made from modular interlocking fabric.

It offers excellent moisture, easy-to-go dropping, astonishing moisture absorption properties, and more. All in all, it can retain the genuine color of the fabric for a long time period.

How to Care of Interlock Fabric?
It is straightforward but simple to care interlock fabric. You must remember the following things before washing and drying this fabric.

  • Use only cold water instead of hot water, as it may shrink when boiling water is used.
  • Always put the washing machine cycle in a low volume to wash it in a gentle mode. High volume may tear the fabric.
  • Use mild or harsh chemical-free detergent or liquid interlock knit fabric cleanser. Harsh chemicals sometimes cause discoloration of yellow stains all over the body of the fabric.
  • It would be best to dry these fabrics in the air. But if you need to dry it in a dryer, then make sure to keep it in low heat to prevent shrinkage or curliness.


Q1. Is Interlock Made from 100% Cotton?

Ans: It is possible to manufacture most interlock fabrics from 100 percent cotton. Cotton-made interlock clothing is comfortable, thicker, and tender than other fabrics.

Q2. Are Interlock Garments Easy for Sewing?

Ans: Of course, this fabric has similar types of sewing on both sides. For this, they’re easy to sew and enriched with reversible quality.

Q3. What’s the Difference Between Single-knit and Double-knit Fabric?

Ans: Interlocking single knit is less durable than double knit fabric. They require more caring while sewing because those fabrics can curl or shrink during that time. On the other hand, double-knit fabric is easy-to-sewing for its double manufacturing traits from both sides.

Final Wrap:
Wearing clothes, dresses, and female suits made of interlock knit fabric is excellent. It requires less trouble than sewing, dying, washing, and drying. They’re versatile, making them a number-one choice in famous worldwide garment factories and industries.

You can make many DIY products to launch your tailoring shop or clothing business. Making bed covers, sofa covers, pillow covers, etc., can be easy to sew with it. There are a variety of versatile designs and elegant crafts you can create with this. Celebrities and ordinary fashion-conscious folk choose this to make their regular outfits more flimsy, stylish, breathable, and cozy.

Interlock knit fabric is excellent for home decor items and casual dresses. Learn what benefits and features are required for regular usage to ease your lifestyle.

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