Flow Chart of Looming Process in Weaving

Looming Process in Weaving
The process of preparing a loom before starting the weaving process is commonly known as looming. It includes Drawing in Draft (DID), Denting, Pinning, Gaiting, and knotting of warp threads by using different looming elements (drawing hook, denting plate). The process sequence of the looming for cotton fabric production is given below. The basic looming process is shown in below Fig.

Diagram of looming process
Fig: Diagram of looming process

Flow Chart of Looming Process in Weaving

Drawing In Draft (DID)
passing warp threads from sized beam through healed eye of heald frame

Passing warp threads through the dents of a Reed by maintaining required warp density is known as Denting

Process of passing warp threads through drop wires

Loading the heald frames, reed, drop wires and weaver’s beam into the loom after completing the drawing, denting and pinning to facilitate the next process is known as gaiting.

Process of Tying up the new warp yarns of a full beam with the corresponded old weaver’s beam

Knotting Types
1. Hand Knotting
2. Automatic Knotting



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