Printing Flowchart of 100% Synthetic Fabrics

What is Synthetic Fabrics?
Synthetic fabrics are made from synthetic fibers as a substitute for natural fabrics. Synthetic fabrics are man-made and produced entirely from chemicals to create fabrics like polyester, rayon, acrylic, and many others. Synthetic fibers are known for better durability and cheaper manufacturing, they are acquired from petroleum products and require a complex processing procedure, like all synthetic fabrics.

printing of synthetic fabrics

Printing of 100% Synthetic Fabrics:
Synthetic fabric printing is easier than natural fabric printing. Pretreatment is not required for synthetic fabric as it does not contain impurities. The printing flowchart depends on the fiber. Following is the basic chart.

Printing flowchart of 100% synthetic fabrics

Fabric to be printed



Jet dyeing







Rolling or folding


Synthetic fibers are produced by polymerizing different monomers. After printing, finishing is done for adding some properties. Therefore, it requires understanding of the complete sequence and chemicals.

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