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Flow Chart for Roller Printing Process

Flow Chart for Roller Printing Process
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Roller Printing:
Roller printing is a printing method where printing design is produced by engraved rollers. It turns out color-designed fabrics in vast quantities at the rate of 1000 to 4000 yards an hour. This method of producing attractive designs is relatively inexpensive when compared with any hand method. It is machine counterpart of block printing. In this printing, engraved copper cylinders or rollers take the place of the hand carved blocks. Just as there must be a separate block for each color in block printing, so must there be as many engraved rollers in machine as there are colors in the design to be imprinted. With each revolution of the roller, a repeat of the design is printed. Flowchart of roller printing is given here.
roller printing
Roller printing process
Process Flowchart for Roller Printing is as follows –

Engraving design pattern on the copper roller

Alignment of the rollers

Engraved rollers come in contact with the companion roller which has been submerged in the dye paste

Doctor blade scrapes the excess dye from the surface of the roller

Fabric passes between the engraved rollers and smooth cylinder rollers

The dye from the shallow areas is pressed on fabric

Back grey absorbs the excess print paste

The printed cloth is immediately passed into a drying chamber

The printed cloth is passed into a steam chamber