Flow Chart of Breakdown Procedure in Garment Industry

Breakdown method: 

Breakdown procedure means helps the clothing industry in planning the number of assembly lines required to produce the particular number of units in the required time and also helps in maintaining proper style distributions for each assembly line and machine in order to reach the deadlines while earning profits. Flow chart of breakdown procedure in garment industry is discussed below:

Breakdown Procedure in Garment Industry

In the clothing industry operation breakdown is the separation of the making operations so that garments can be made up quickly & cheaply using available labor & machinery. A flowchart of the breakdown method in the apparel industry is given below.

Flow Chart of Breakdown Procedure in Garment Industry:

Assistant Production Manager, Technician Chief & Work-Study officer must sit together to make a breakdown.

Technician breaks the garments into parts and gathered the parts one after another by operation/Process.

Then Work-Study officer & APM fix up the SMV of that operation

By proceeding with this technique when all process completed need to summarize all process SMV and the total will be called as respective garment’s SMV

An operation breakdown includes information like:

  • Sewing and non-sewing operations
  • Name of the machines to use for doing the specific operations
  • Estimated time to do each operation for one unit

Application  of operation breakdown

  1. The operation breakdown of a garment is done to understand garment construction – like stitch class and seam types used in making the sample garment.
  2. To make an operation bulletin the first step is doing operation breakdown of the sample garment.
  3. To-make the list of sewing machines and equipment for the style.
  4. To set set a line for new style operation breakdown is followed by line supervisors and engineers.
  5. While estimating thread consumption per garment for given style, operation breakdown id referred for operation list and machine types.
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