Process Flow Chart of All Over Digital Printing

All Over Printing
All over printing is a special type of printing technique that covers and repeated across the whole surface of garment. In this process, printing is done across the full width of the fabric. In shortly it is called AOP. All over printing is a new concept in textile industry of Bangladesh. It is also a new term for textile engineering students and professionals.

Now, more than 85+ textile factories in Bangladesh are running all over printing techniques. Bangladesh has already gained the sufficient skill to compete with any country within the world with AOP and has created a powerful position.

Due to some technical difficulties, rotary and flatbed screen are added to the new technology ‘All Over Digital Printing’. Digital print is directly printed in fabric with ink. No film or screen is required for this technique. A perfect technology for multi-dimensional design printing is ‘All Over Digital Printing’. Due to increasing demand, many Bangladeshi printing factories have started digital printing.

All over digital printing
Fig: All over printing

Process Flow Chart for All Over Digital Printing

Grey fabric batching

Heat setting (if lycra)

Gas singeing




Chemical padding (with gumming and cutting of selvage)

Digital reactive printing

Steaming (loop steamer machine)


Drying and chemical finishing (stenter machine)

Compacting finishing

Inspection and quality checking

Ready for delivery

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