Process Flow Chart of Pigment Printing

Pigment Printing: 

Pigments are insoluble coloring matter mostly mineral origin have been used for the coloration of metal wood, stone, and other textile material. Pigment printing is done to produce an attractive design by applying pigment paste on the fabric surface. Pigment printing has gained much importance today. Pigments can be used on almost all types of textile substrates and, thanks to the increased performance of modern dyeing auxiliaries. A flow chart of pigment printing is given below.

Flow chart of printing process

Pigment printing process

Flow Chart of Pigment Printing:

Pigment printing is carried out in the following way:

Fabric Pre-treatment

Table preparation

Fabric plaited on the table

Pigment printing paste apply with the help of screen

Drying (90-100%/110-120°C)

Curing at 160ºc (belt speed 6.50 m/min)

Washing (Some time is not need)


Advantages Of Pigment Printing

  1. Applicable to both natural and synthetic fiber.
  2. A wide range of colors could be produced.
  3. Can use in dope dyeing for filament yarn.
  4. Easily applicable.
  5. Less expensive.
  6. Maximum output of goods.
  7. Quick sampling.
  8. High printing speed.
  9. Low labor costs, equipment, and reliability of production.
  10. Unsurpassed fastness to light and good general fastness properties.
  11. Extremely well suited for color resist effects.

Disadvantages Of Pigment Printing

  1. Not controllable for the binder film
  2. The use of solvents like kerosene, spirit, etc can produce problems like flammability, odor, pollution, etc.
  3. The jamming up of equipment and air and water pollution is observed.
  4. Wet and rubbing fastness is average
  5. The handle of the printed goods is often unduly hard because of the large amounts of external crosslinking agents.
  6. Are sensitive to crushing during roller printing and pigment printing needs shallow engravings on screen printing
  7. The original surface of the textile material is covered by the binder film. This is occasionally aesthetically effective but usually undesirable.
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