Flow Chart of Leggings Manufacturing Process

What is Leggings?
Leggings are one of the most common bottom wears in ladies garment-product basket. Kid, teenagers, girls and ladies all wear leggings. Leggings fall under the basic apparel product category. Whether they need casual wear or ethnic wear, party wear or work wear leggings, leggings are fit and suitable for every mood and occasion. Leggings are simple in terms of its construction and stitching. There is no much design variation. Leggings are also used as yoga wear, sportswear and leisurewear.

leggings manufacturing
Fig: Leggings

Leggings manufacturing process starts from sourcing of fabrics and ends after selling the ready-made leggings to retailers. The manufacturing process of leggings is involved pre-production processes and production processes. Here I will give flow chart of leggings manufacturing process.

Flow Chart of Leggings Manufacturing Process

Fabric development

Fabric Lab dip preparation

Fabric approval

Pattern making

Garment sampling

Sample approval (Prototype, fit, size set, salesman’s sample)

Pattern grading

Fabric purchasing

Fabric inspection

Fabric shade banding

Segregation of fabrics by its widths and shade band

Fabric testing

Issue fabric for cutting section

Fabric layering

Marker making

Cutting the lay

Sorting of cut components

Layer numbering

Cut bundling and tagging

Issue to stitching floor

Stitching process

Quality checking of garment inline and end-of-the line

Garment repair

Garment washing

Garment finishing

Finished product

Product folding & Packing

Shipment inspection

Approved garments ready to ship.

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