Flow Chart of Marker Making Process

Marker Making: 

Marker making is a critical step in the garment manufacturing process. It is made just before cutting and its purpose is to minimize the wastages. By retaining strict control over this critical step, they keep the fabric consumption as low as possible. Depending on the relative efficiency of each marker produced, the company may save or waste thousands of dollars a year. Here I will describe briefly marker making process and the flow chart of the marker making process.

Marker making
Marker making

Methods of Marker Making:

After making patterns of any garments (all required sizes) marker will make. At first of marker making, the marker width is determined. The minimum width of the fabric with which garments will be made is taken as the width of the marker. Generally, the marker is made on white paper or newsprint paper. First, the big patterns are placed and then the small patterns are placed in the gaps of the big patterns. As a result, marker efficiency is increased. The marker making is a very skilled and technical job. Markers are made mainly in two ways.

  1. Manual marker making method and
  2. Computerized marker making (CAD)

Flow Chart of Manual Marker Making Process

Receiving of pattern parts

Created on marker paper or directly on fabric ply

Tracing by pencil or tailor’s chalk.

Completing the marker 


Flow Chart of Computerized Marker Making

Receiving of pattern parts

Taking the image of the pattern in CPU by the digitizer

Modernizing of all pattern parts by the software

Aligning all size pattern parts in the marker by the software

Completing the marker

Actually, a Marker means a piece of paper. On which all sizes patterns of a garment are drawn. So that the required number of garments could produce by using the minimum quantity of fabrics.

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