Working Flow Chart of CAD Section in Apparel Industry

Computer-Aided Design

CAD is the contraction which stands for Computer-Aided Design. This term means different things to different people involved in designing, manufacturing, and mechanical engineering. CAD or Computer-Aided Design has brought a revolution in the Textile industry, especially in the apparel industry. The time consuming and cumbersome process of textile designing has been made easier by CAD. Now thoughtful and innovative designs are available to textile designers and textile manufacturers at the click of a mouse. The working flow chart of CAD section in apparel industry is as follows:

Working Flow Chart of CAD Section in Apparel Industry
Application of CAD in apparel industry

Working Sequence of CAD Section in Apparel Industry

Receiving of pattern parts

Taking the image of the pattern in CPU by the digitizer

Modernizing of all pattern parts by the software (Modernizer)

Aligning all size pattern parts in the marker by the software (Diamino)

Completing the marker

Taking approval from CAM section

Bringing out the marker through the plotter. 

The procedure of CAD Section:

  • In the CAD section at first, the pattern put on the digitizer to take a clear image of the pattern part inside the CPU.
  • After making all required size patterns using the “Diamino” software pattern parts are aligned in the mini marker. Then it is sent to CPU of CAM section for approval and checking the length & width of marker and pattern parts alignment.
  • After getting approval from the CAM section the printer is used to print out the whole real marker then this marker, as well as a mini marker, are provided to the CAM section for cutting the fabric.

The computers help workers in the textile industry in tasks such as repeating a design or determine how to cut or make a fabric. Textile designers and manufacturers can use CAD programs to do repetitive or time-consuming processes. By simplifying the production process and decreasing the required labor hours, CAD design programs help lower production costs.

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