Process Flow Chart of Cutting Section

Cutting Section: 

We can define cutting as, to cut the cloth according to the marking of patterns for sewing a garment. The fabric cutting section is very important for the next sewing section. It is one of the major sections in apparel manufacturing. Cut fabrics are sorted according to the size of fabrics. After sorting numbering is done and checking is performed 100% to avoiding any types of mistakes. Process flow chart of cutting section is as follows:

Process Flow Chart of Cutting Section
Fabric Cutting in Garment Industry

Flow Chart of Cutting Section

Work order sheet

Certification of assortment

Pattern receiving from the production section

Pattern checking

Marker making / Receive the marker from the CAD room

Marker checking

Determine the quantity of spreading the cloth

Calculate the number of lay per cutting

Number of cutting per order

Receiving fabric from the store

Fabric spreading

Check the consumption

Start bulk cutting

Sorting & bundling

Send to sewing section for bulk production

Fabric cutting is the most important step in garment manufacturing. It is totally different from general cutting. This term, fabric cutting is only applicable to garments manufacturing technology. Garment quality depends on accurate fabric cutting. Besides, fabric wastage also depends on accurate fabric cutting. For the fabric cutting process, various types of fabric cutting machines are used. It is to some extent complicated to give an exact definition of cutting. In the garments industry, making the parts of the garment by cutting of fabrics from the spread or lay of fabric accurately and fairly as per the drawing of the patterns, is called the cutting of fabrics. The job of fabric cutting is very much important, because if there is any mistake in fabric cutting, then it is difficult to get it rectified, even in some cases it may not be possible to rectify.

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