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Flow Chart of Melt Spinning Process

Flow Chart of Melt Spinning Process
Muhammad Ibrahim Khalilullah
Department of Textile Engineering
Daffodil International University

Melt Spinning
The process of spinning by which fiber or filament is produced from melted polymer chips by extruding through spinneret continuous filament produced here. Number of filament depends on number of holes in spinneret. It is the most critical operation is the production of nylon, polyester, and polyolefin, poly-propylene fibres as number of fibre properties such as uniformity, crystallinity, and orientation are imparted to the yarn during processing. Flowchart of melt spinning is given below.
Melt spinning process
Melt spinning process
Process Flow Chart of Melt Spinning

Feeding (Polymer chips)


Metered extrusion

Cooling and solidification by cold air

Moisture conditioning


Yarn driving