Flow Chart of Garment Manufacturing Technology

Apparel manufacturing:

The garment is a basic need of human being. Its manufacturing process is complicated. Garment/Apparel manufacturing processing depends on some steps and techniques. It starts from order receiving and will be an end to dispatching shipment of the finished garments. A process flow chart helps to understand how raw materials are moved from one process to another process until raw materials are transformed into the desired product (garments). The flow chart of garment manufacturing technology is as follows:

Flow Chart of Garment Manufacturing Technology
Garments manufacturing

Process Flow Chart of Garment Manufacturing Technology

Design /sketch

Basic block

Working pattern

Sample making

Basic manufacturing difference

Approved sample


Production pattern


Marker making
Fabric spreading


Sorting or bundling


Ironing and finishing
Final inspection

Send to buyer

In details apparel manufacturing sequence are given below:

Operation Job Method
01. Design/sketch It is given by buyers to manufacturers containing sketches including measurements of the style Manual/computerized
02. Basic block Without any allowance Manual/computerized
03. Working pattern Assimilating of diagram of net dimension on paper each and individual part which is called pattern and when we move with it throughout the  whole manufacturing processes. We term it working pattern. Manual/computerized
04. Sample making After getting all the speech the sample is made and sent to the buyers for approval to rectify the faults. Manual
05. Basic manufacturing difference The critical path is identified i.e the problem during the several operations. Manual
06. Approved sample After rectifying the faults, the sample is again sent to buyers. If it is ok then it is called an approved sample. Manual
O7. Costing
  1. Fabric required
  2. Making charge
  3. Trimmings
  4. Profits
08. Production pattern Add allowance with net dimension. Manual/computerized
09. Grading It is done according to a different sizes. Manual/computerized
10. Marker making Maker is a thin paper that contains all the components of all sizes of a particular style. Manual/computerized
11. Fabric spreading Fabric is spread inlay form. Manual/computerized
12. Cutting To cut the fabric according to the dimension by special types of the cutter. Manual/computerized
13. Sorting or bundling Sorting out the component according to size and for each size make an individual bundle. Manual
14. Sewing Sewing is done by different types of machines by the operation. Quality inspection is also done at that time Manual
15. Ironing and finishing Garments are treated with steam. Also, several finishing processes are done for example extra loose thread cutting. Manual
16. Final inspection Should meet specs given by the buyer. Manual
17. Packing Poly packing. Manual
18. Cartooning After packing the garments are placed in a hard paper box .for export so as to minimize damage. The cartoons contain all the information over the box according to buyer specs. Manual
19. Send to buyer If everything is ok, it is sent to the buyer. Manual
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