Flow Chart of Garment Finishing Process

Garment Finishing Process:

Garment finishing is the last step of garment making. All of the finishing processes are done here. The term Garment finishing mainly applies to pressing, folding, packing, and cartooning of garments. Process Flow Chart of Garment Finishing Section is as follows:

Chart of Garment Finishing Process

Flow Chart of Garment Finishing Process

Finishing input (style, color & size wise)

Initial quality check

Spot Removing




Get up change



Bar code (buyer wise sticker)

Metal check

Cartooning/ Packaging to box

Inspection of ready to ship goods

Dispatch shipment

All the processes of Finishing have discussed in the below table:
Processes Procedure
1. Finishing Input Here, sewn garments are received for finishing the garments.
2. Initial quality check Sewn garments are checked here by the quality controller. If found major sewing problems then garments sent again to the sewing section for rectification
3. Spot removing Sometimes garments contain various types of spots which removes here carefully.
4. Ironing or pressing It’s one of the important processes in garment finishing. Here garments are ironed by following the measurement chart of those garments
5. Inspection After completing ironing or finishing, garments are inspected again here by the quality controller to confirm the correct measurement of the apparel.
6. Hangtag attaching In this section, the hangtag has to attach to the garments.
7. Folding After completing all the above processes, garments are folded here.
8. Poly Garments are poly-bagged here to keep the garments dust, dirt, and other impurities free. send the garments safely to the buyer
9. Metal check In this section, garments should be passed through a metal detector machine to identify metal lies in the garments.
10. Packaging or cartooning Finally, all the garments should pack to send the garments safely to the buyer.
11. Inspection & Shipment It’s time to check the final inspection and then go for the dispatch shipment.
Author of this Article:
Jahanara Akter
Lecturer, Dept. of Fashion Design
KCC Women’s College (Affiliated by Khulna University)
Khulna, Bangladesh
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