Process Flow Chart of Apparel Merchandising


Merchandising is the department that mediates marketing and production departments. It is the methods, practices, and operations used to promote and sustain certain categories of commercial activity. So it is a very valuable department in the apparel industry. An apparel merchandiser is a potential person in buying the house. Flow Chart of Apparel Merchandising is as follows:

Process Flow Chart of Apparel Merchandising

Process Flow Chart of Apparel Merchandising

Received artwork and size specification for the development of the sample

Making development sample

Consumption (from CAD) & costing

Meeting with the buyer for price & order confirmation and LC received

Lab-dip approval

Making different types of sample (as per buyer requirement) for approval

Making a pre-production (pp) sample with all actual

Yarn booking

Bulk fabric order

Accessories order

After approval of pp sample arrange pp meeting

Start bulk production

Arrange an inline inspection

Send a test sample to 3rd party testing center

After completion of bulk, production arrange a final inspection

Arrange all commercial papers for shipment


Sending documents to Buyer

Payments receive from Bank

Role of Apparel Merchandiser:

A merchandiser is he who builds up a relationship with the buyer and acts as a seller. He plays a vital role in an organization in the sense that he bears more responsibility than others in regard to the execution of an order. Works of merchandiser are called merchandising. He carries huge importance for a garments factory because on a merchandiser the whole profit or losses are depending. Because a silly mistake by him can be a million-dollar loss. The aim of the merchandiser is to sell the garments at a more valuable price than the total cost of fabric, accessories, other things, the labor cost, rent of factory, etc.

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Noor Ahmed Raaz
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