Flow Chart of Garment Sample Making

Garments Sample:

Sampling is one of the main processes in garment manufacturing and it plays a vital role in attracting buyers and confirming the order, as the buyers generally place the order once satisfied with the quality and responsiveness of the sampling. Garment samples are so much important and are developed tested before starting the bulk production. The buyer will access the exporter and his organization only by the samples. In a previous article, I have given a flow chart of the garment manufacturing process. Now I’m giving the process flow chart of garment sample making.

Flow Chart of Garment Sample Making
Garment sample making

Flow Chart of Garment Sample Making

Garments Design or Sketch ( Manually or Computerized )

Basic Block ( Manually or Computerized )

Working Pattern ( By Machine )

Fabric cutting

Print/ Embroidery (If required)



Sample Garments ( Manually )

The problem of Production or Production Related Matter

Costing……………………………………..↓ …………………………….Send to Buyer

Approved Sample

Production Pattern ( By Hand or Computer ) 

Process of Sample Making:

  1. Received tech pack from the buyer: Merchandiser receives all the tech pack from the buyer. Where tech pack contains all the required information about the garments order viz: reference sample, measurement chart, print instruction, embroidery instruction, wash instruction, and so on.
  2. Pattern making: A sample pattern has to develop according to the tech pack provided by the buyer.
  3. Fabric cutting: After developing a sample pattern, the fabric has to cut here by following the pattern.
  4. Print or embroidery (if required): If the tech pack contains print or embroidery instructions then those should be completed in the cutting fabrics according to the tech pack.
  5. Sewing: garments are sewn according to the measurement chart.
  6. Finishing: Ironing or pressing has done in the garments here according to the measurement chart.
  7. QC check: A quality controller inspects the sample garment here by following the tech pack.
  8. Send to the buyer for approval: Garment sent to the buyer for approval. If it approves by the buyer then the garments merchandiser can start the next processes for the garments production.
Author of this Article:
Noor Ahmed Raaz
 B.Sc. in Apparel Manufacturing
 Asst. Merchandiser
 Opex Sinha Group, Narayongonj
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