Flow Chart of Work Study in Textile Industry

Work Study:

Work study is the systematic examination of the method of carrying activities, so as to input the effective use of resources and to set up standards and performance for the activities being carried out. Work-study is encompassed by two techniques, i.e., method study and work measurement. Work-study forms the basis for work system design. The purpose of work design is to identify the most effective means of achieving necessary functions. Flow chart of work study in the textile industry is as follows:

Work Study in Textile Industry
Work Study in Textile Industry

Flow Chart of Work Study In Textile Industry

Sample collection from buyer/ merchandiser.

Preparing of operation bulletin.

Prepare a machine layout.

Monitoring the line situation. (1st day)

Time study and balancing. (2nd day)

The individual operation follows up. (3rd day)

Line wise efficiency, daily report.

Daily lost time analysis

Work-study in the textile industry is a higher technological science. That works for systematic examination of methods of carrying out activities such as to improve the effective uses of resources. And set up standards of performances for activities carrying out.

Tools and Techniques used in Garment Industry:

  • Work-study.
  • Line layout.
  • Line balancing.
  • Material management System – MIS.
  • Quality management system – QMS.
  • Scheduling

Tasks of work-study

  1. Efficiency.
  2. Daily production report
  3. Weekly, Monthly & Yearly production report
  4. Loss of study.
  5. Cause study.
  6. Operation Break-down
  7. Line layout
  8. Time study.
  9. Line balancing
  10. S.M.V for target production

Work-study in textile is the investigation of the work done in an organization by means of a consistent system in order to attain the best possible use of machines, materials, and men at presently available conditions. Garments industries paid a big amount to this department as this department works to increase productivity. Work-study is the analysis of the operations required to produce a style. It is also important to ergonomics decisions, job design, and workstation development. An effective work-study requires both work measurement and method analysis.

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