Process Flow Chart of Maintenance of a Sewing Machine

Good sewing of garments is achieved through the quality of the sewing machine. A good garment is made on a good sewing machine. So, the maintenance of the industrial sewing machine is always good enough to provide good quality-oriented seams. So, the preventive maintenance for industrial sewing machines is considered to be very much important. Process flow chart of maintenance of a sewing machine is as follows:

Process Flow Chart of Maintenance of a Sewing Machine
Maintenance of a sewing machine

Process Flow Chart of Maintenance of a Sewing Machine

DB Board check for wire loose

DB Board/SDC Board clean

Power on by main circuit board

Ensure to power supply to SDC board

Power supply to m/c line

Join the plug in the Bazber

Check the oil level

Ensure cleanliness of the machine

All parts of the whole machine are checked

Switch on

Run the machine

The most important part of doing maintenance is to do proper cleaning of the machine parts like bobbin raceway, feed teeth, needle plate, etc. It must be remembered that the machine should be cleaned properly before oiling as it can lead to accumulation of fluff and dust around the oil thus jamming the machine. It is always advisable to use good quality thread as it produces fewer amounts of fluff.

The care and maintenance of a sewing machine help to improve its working. This consists mainly of cleaning, oiling, and right handling, which contributes to good output, quality production, and safety of the workers. Care and maintenance are also necessary in order to operate the machine smoothly and for its long term use. It is very important to identify the sewing defects such as upper thread break, bobbin (lower) thread break, bunching of threads, skipped stitches, irregular stitches and stitches that are not formed properly, etc., for the proper working of the sewing machine and good quality production. This Unit discusses the cause and different defects and the corrective action to be taken.

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