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Flow Chart of Jute Spinning Process

Flow Chart of Jute Spinning Process
S. M. Hossen Uzzal
Production Officer
Monno Fabrics Ltd., Manikgonj

Jute spinning:
Jute is a natural fiber. It is also called a bast fiber because it is obtained from bast layer of plants. It is one kind of cellulosic fiber. Jute spinning process is different from other spinning because jute is harder from others fiber. Now I’m giving the flow chart of jute spinning process with very easy way.
Jute spinning
Jute spinning
Process Flow Chart of Jute Yarn Manufacturing

Selection of jute for a batch according to jute grade

Piecing up

Softening and Lubricating

Conditioning or Pilling

Breaker Carding

Finisher Carding

First Drawing

Second Drawing

Third Drawing / Finisher drawing


Jute Yarn


Spool winding

Yan package