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Flow Chart of Nylon 66 Fiber Manufacturing Process

Flow Chart of Nylon 66 Fiber Manufacturing Process
Muhammad Ibrahim Khalilullah
Department of Textile Engineering
Daffodil International University

There are several types of “nylon” polymers. The most widely utilized polyamides in commerce are type nylon 66 and nylon 6. Nylon-6.6 fibre is spun from polyhexamethylene adipamide, a polyamide made by condensation of hexamethylene diamine and adipic acid.

             NH2-(CH2)6-NH2 + HOOC-(CH2)4-COOH       --NH-(CH2)6-CONH-(CH2)4-CO--
                        HMD               Adipic acid                                               Nylon-6.6 

Nylon 66 is frequently used when high mechanical strength, rigidity, good stability under heat and/or chemical resistance are required. It is used in fibers for textiles and carpets and molded parts. It is also used as zip ties, conveyor belts, hoses etc. Nylon 66 is also a popular guitar nut material. Manufacturing flow chart of Nylon 66 fiber is given below.
Nylon 66 staple fiber
Nylon 66 staple fiber
Flowchart of Nylon-6.6 Fiber Manufacturing

Hexamethylene diamine + Adipic acid

Mixing tank




Melt spinning