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Flow Chart of Yarn Manufacturing Process

Flow Chart of Yarn Manufacturing Process
S. M. Hossen Uzzal
Production Officer
Monnu Fabrics Ltd. Manikgonj

Yarn is a long continuous length of fibers. It is output from spinning. Two types of yarn is produced from spinning. If you want to make a yarn you will have two method to follow. One is Carded yarn manufacturing process and another is Combed yarn manufacturing process.
Carded and Combed yarn
Carded and Combed yarn
Combed yarn is most precious, finer and thinner than the carded yarn. Because the Carded Yarn is produced by following some less manufacturing steps than the Combed Yarn.

The Difference of Carded and Combed Yarn:

Sl. no.
Carded yarn
Combed yarn
The yarn that is obtained without combing is called carded yarn.
The yarn that is obtained by combing is called combed yarn.
Quality of carded yarn not better than combed yarn.
Quality of combed yarn better than carded yarn.
Short fibre % is high
Short fibre % is low.
Combing action is not done here.
 Combing action is done here.
Less strength.
Higher strength.
Flow Chart of Yarn Manufacturing:
Yarn manufacturing flowchart are two types
  1. Flowchart of Carded yarn Manufacturing
  2. Flowchart of Combed yarn Manufacturing