Flow Chart of Yarn Manufacturing Process

Yarn is a long continuous length of fibers. It is output from spinning. Two types of yarn are produced from spinning. If you want to make a yarn you will have two methods to follow. One is the Carded yarn manufacturing process and another is the Combed yarn manufacturing process. Flow chart of yarn manufacturing process is as follows:

Flow Chart of Yarn Manufacturing Process
Carded and Combed yarn

Combed yarn is most precious, finer, and thinner than the carded yarn. Because the Carded Yarn is produced by following some less manufacturing steps than the Combed Yarn.

The Difference between Carded and Combed Yarn:

Sl. no.
Carded yarn
Combed yarn
The yarn that is obtained without combing is called carded yarn.
The yarn that is obtained by combing is called combed yarn.
Quality of carded yarn not better than combed yarn.
Quality of combed yarn better than carded yarn.
Short fiber % is high
Short fiber % is low.
Combing action is not done here.
 Combing action is done here.
Less strength.

Flow Chart of Yarn Manufacturing Process:

The yarn manufacturing process contains a lot of processes involved in converting the fiber into yarn. The natural fibers obtained from natural plant & animal sources. Another artificial came with several chemical processes.

Yarn manufacturing flowchart is two types. In the below-provided link, we simply discussed the whole yarn manufacturing process according to the flow chart. Where natural and man-made both could be covered.

  1. Carded yarn Manufacturing
  2. Combed yarn Manufacturing

In most of the case cotton is used to produce yarn. Yarn produces natural impurities that were removed from the yarn in subsequent pre-treatment processes. Cotton may the natural fiber that has rooted in yarn manufacturing from fiber bale opening. These processes are followed by a series of continuous operations such as blending, mixing, cleaning, carding, drawing, roving, and spinning, and so on.

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