Flow Chart of Quality Assurance Department in Garment Industry

 Quality Assurance: 

Quality assurance is defined as all those possible planned and systematic actions necessary to provide adequate confidence that a product or service will satisfy given requirements for quality. The quality assurance section is assigned to maintain consistency for the uniform quality of the material in process & various stages of garment manufacturing. In the garment industry, quality control is practiced right from the initial stage of sourcing raw materials to the stage of the final finished garment. Process Flow Chart of the Quality Assurance Department in the Garment Industry is as follows:

Flow Chart of Quality Assurance Department in Garment Industry
Quality Assurance of Garment

Flow Chart of Quality Assurance Department in Garment Industry

Accessories check

Fabric inspection

Shade segregation

Shrinkage test

Size set check

Marker check

Spreading quality assurance

Cutting quality assurance

Hard pattern check

Pre-production meeting

General instruction

Inspector layout

In process audit

Two-time process check

Two-time machine check

Two-time accessories check

Weekly in process summary

100% in the line process check

Sewing final check

Hourly final audit with measurement

Finishing 100% check

Button pulls check

Hourly final audit

Broken needle check

Accessories compliance

Every final audit

Pre-final inspection

Ready for final inspection


In the textile industry, quality is the most important thing. So maintaining quality control in textile is a supreme priority task for textile engineers. A quality controller assure that there is no fault in a product. Because nowadays customers are very much concern about their product quality. We need quality control to meet the buyer’s or customer’s satisfaction level.

To assure the right uses of raw materials and reduces defects and increase the quality of the product, make a good bonding between buyers and customers, added brand value. To survive in the competitive market place. The low-quality product can not be acceptable by the customers or buyers. It takes more time to deliver a product. Bad quality decreases production. Decreases of brand value just because of a low-quality product. So a quality controller team tries to maintain the best quality of a product. Without quality control, an industry never survives in the market. We should have to be focused on maintaining the perfect quality of a product.

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