Production Flow Chart of Knitting Section


Knitting is one kind of fabric manufacturing process. This type of fabric is produced by forming a loop. The Knitting Manager is responsible for the production of the knitting section. In this article, I will give a production flowchart of the knitting department in the fabric manufacturing industry. It starts with collecting orders from buyers and will end by delivering the product to the dyeing unit. Flow Chart of Knitting Section is as follows:

Production Flow Chart of Knitting Section
Knitted fabric structure

Production Flow chart of Knitting Section

The executive director takes order from Buyer

Merchandiser estimates the total amount of yarn of production

The knitting manager gets the production order sheet

Senior Production Officer ordered by K.M. and orders Production officer and Technical in-charge.

The production officer fixes up stitch length and GSM with the mechanical fitter.

The definite operator operates a machine in his full consciousness and Attention.

Mechanical fitter fixes machine if there is any m/c fault.

Supervisors keep daily production reports and assure m/c is OK.

The fabric roll checked by a troop of inspectors in the inspection unit and weighted.

The final product to the required amount delivered to the dyeing unit.

Knit fabrics are mainly constructed by interloping one or more sets of fiber or yarn. The most common examples of clothing utilizing knit fabric are socks. Knitting has a versatile manufacturing process. As an entire product could manufacture on a single knitting machine.

Knitting is much faster than weaving. Due to the looping, more yarn is required to manufacture a knitted product than a comparable woven product. Knits are very comfortable fabrics. The loop structure of the knit fabric contributes to elasticity beyond what is capable of the fibers alone. It’s prone to snagging and has a higher potential shrinkage than a woven.

Author of this Article:
Raju Tex 
Knitting Technologist, 
B.J.Group, Mawna, Gazipur 
Chittagong Textile Engineering College 

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