Process Flow Chart of Caustic Wash

Caustic wash: 

Caustic washing is used to remove corrosive and pungent sulfur compounds from poor quality crude oil so that it can be blended into petrol and diesel. Generally, Caustic wash is done on printed garments, sulfur dye, reactive dye, or direct dyed garments. Caustic wash used to remove the size materials and the starch from the garments. It also increases the garments’ hairiness. And also increases the rubbing fastness and also colorfastness. Process Flow Chart of Caustic Wash is as follow:

Process Flow Chart of Caustic Wash
Caustic Washed shirt









Caustic wash is a new concept in the market trend. According to market demand & fashion garments industry does different types of wash. Caustic wash is one of them. So, the caustic wash is becoming more popular in the garment industry. Caustic wash is the pre-printing wash. It is a strong chemical with highly acidic feathers. It is the solution of caustic soda to remove impurities. Basically, it is doing as a reactive dye, sulfur dye & direct dye & printed garment.

Objective of Caustic Wash:

  1. Remove dirt, dust, oil, impurities which are come from the stitching & back process
  2. Can increase the luster of fabric strength
  3. Can increase the hairiness of garments.
  4. Particular fading wash can be achieved
  5. Partially size material is removed more than normal or pigment wash
  6. Good hand feeling.
  7. Can improve the color fastness & rubbing fastness.
  8. Increase the vintage or old-looking appearance
  9. Can increase the comfort of garments.

Basically, we wash or dyed fabric before going to the garment section. Just imagine a fabric that is going to the washing or dyeing section after made itself as a Garment. However, it’s not exactly the Dyeing or Washing unit that we usually see at the normal Dyeing or Textile Mills. It’s made in a different way which is called the Denim or Washing Plant.

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