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Outline Process Chart of RMG Industry

Outline Process Chart of RMG Industry
S. M. Hossen Uzzal
Assistant Co-ordination Officer
Modele De Capital Ind. Ltd

Process Flow Chart:
This chart is also called as outline process chart. Outline process chart is a process chart giving an overall picture by recording in sequence only the main operations and inspections. In an outline process chart, only the principal operations carried out and the inspections made to ensure their effectiveness are recorded, irrespective of who does them and where they are performed. In preparing such a chart, only the symbols for “operation” and “inspection” are necessary. In addition to the information given by the symbols and their sequence, a brief note of the nature of each operation or inspection is made beside the symbol and the time allowed for it is also noted. Entry of material or purchased parts is shown by the horizontal lines and proceeding of material is shown in vertically in terms of operations and inspections. Numbering should be done as a systematic fashion. Separate sequence of numbering is given for operation events and inspection events. First number should be started with the top right corner event and moved down in the same vertical line until in meet with a horizontal line.
Process Chart of RMG Industry
Process Chart of RMG Industry
Outline Process Chart of RMG Industry