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Process Flow Chart of Formaldehyde Testing for Fabric

Process Flow Chart of Formaldehyde Testing for Fabric
Noor Ahmed Raaz
Asst. Merchandiser
A.M.C.S Textile Ltd

Formaldehyde test of fabric:
Formaldehyde test method is applicable to textile fabrics that involve formaldehyde, particularly fabrics finished with chemicals containing formaldehyde. If fabric contains formaldehyde then it will be harmful for skin. So formaldehyde must be released from fabric. It is the buyers one of the important test which must be passed. Process flowchart of formaldehyde testing for fabric are given below.
Formaldehyde test
Formaldehyde Testing Procedure:

Take Fabric (1 gm).

100 ml distilled water

Water Bath (60 min x 40 C)

Water Filtered with Filter Paper

Take the liquor into Test Tube

Nash Reagent (A. Acid +Acetyl Acetone + Ammonium Acetate)

Water Bath 30 minutes(40 C)

Room Temperature 30 minutes for Cool

Measure Formaldehyde