Working Flow Chart of GSM Cutter

GSM Cutter:

GSM means gram per square meter. Its unit is (gm/m2). For measuring the GSM of a fabric, a GSM cutter is used. GSM cutter is one kind of circular cutter, which cuts 1/100 of a square meter of fabric area. It is essential to know the weight of the fabric before manufacturing and after getting the finished fabric. The working flow chart of GSM cutter is as follows:

chart of GSM cutter
GSM cutter

Working Flow Chart of GSM Cutter

Taking the sample of fabric from bulk and conditioning for 4.30 to 06 hours

Taking the conditioning fabric for test on the G.S.M. cutter pad so that no crease or crinkle is formed.

Cutting the fabric with G.S.M. cutter (GSM Cutter Diameter 11.2 cm)

Taking the weight of the cut fabric (Length & Width 11.2 cm) in balance and multiply with 100.

Get the GSM of the fabric in oz/yard²

GSM Calculation Method Using GSM Cutter:

The GSM calculation method using the GSM cutter is not the same as we have followed during the GSM calculation method without using the GSM cutter. Here, we should follow the below steps:

  1. Firstly, you have to cut 5pcs swatches by sing GSM cutter from the different parts of fabrics.
  2. Now, Measure the weight of each cutting swatches with the help of weighing balance in one by one method.
  3. Calculate the average weight of cutting swatches.
  4. Now, by multiplying “average cutting swatch weight” with 100, we can easily get the actual fabric’s GSM.

Note: Area of round GSM cutter is (1/100) m2

Now, one example is enough to clear the above discussion which has been given in the following.


Suppose, 5 pcs cutting swatches weights are 1.2gm, 1.4gm, 1.3gm, 1.1gm, and 1.5gm respectively.

Now, The average weight of cutting swatch,

= 1.3gm

In this situation, we have to multiply the average cutting swatch weight by 100 to get the actual fabric’s GSM.

So, Fabric’s GSM = Average cutting swatch weight × 100

= 1.3 × 100

= 130

So, fabric’s GSM by using GSM cutter is 130

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