Flow Chart of Fabric Cutting Process

Fabric Cutting: 

Cutting is one of the basic operations to make a garment. On the spread fabric the marker is placed carefully and accurately and pined with the fabric to avoid unwanted movement or displacement of the marker paper. Normally straight knife cutting machine is used to cut out the garment component as per the exact dimension of each pattern, care must be taken to avoid cutting defects. Flow chart of fabric cutting process is as follows:

Fabric Cutting Process
Fabric Cutting

Flow Chart of Fabric Cutting Process

During cutting of fabric the following flow chart is followed-

Fabric spreading

Place marker



Numbering & 100%checking

Bundling according to size

Input to sewing sector

Requirements for Fabric Cutting:

a) Precession of cut: It is required to cut the correct parts of the apparel as per the exact shape of the patterns. Because, if the parts of the apparel aren’t cut incorrectly shapes. Then the apparel made after sewing those parts will also not be the incorrect shape.

b) Clean edge: The end of the cut pattern should be clean and fair after cutting the fabrics. It’s required to keep observation. So yarns do not come out from the cut end and it is not rough. If there is no proper sharpness in the knife, then many problems may happen.

c) Unfused edge: During the cutting of the parts of the apparel from the fabric lay through the mechanical way. The friction of the cutting knife with the fabric creates heat. The amount of heat caused by friction is sometimes so high that the fabric along the cutting end could mett.

d) Support of the lay: How will be the surface of the table on which fabrics lay will be cut, it’s related to the cutting method.

e) Consistent cutting: In whatever methods or in whatever machines the fabrics are cut, there must have consistent cutting. Especially the shape of the cutting of all the parts from top to bottom layer should be of the same shapes.

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