Working Flow Chart of Cone Over Picking Mechanism


Picking is the second primary motion in the weaving. It is the action of filling insertion the weft through the warp shed from one edge of the fabric to the other edge. Picking may be carried out with or without the shuttle. The mechanism of shuttle picking is negative, complicated, elaborate, costly, and unsatisfactory. So, nowadays, positive picking may be invented in shuttleless looms. Working flow chart of cone over picking mechanism is as follows:

Cone Over Picking Mechanism
Cone Over Picking Mechanism

Working flowchart of tappet cone over picking mechanism:

With the rotation of loom/bottom shaft, picking tappet or cam rotates

In revolving, picking tappet nose strikes the cone-shaped antifriction roller on the stud and partly rotates the picking shaft and the picking lever/stitch

The picking arm/lever moves from the right side to the left side of the loom. It will give angular movement which causes the picker to move inward with sufficient velocity to drive the shuttle across the loom

When the picker strikes the shuttle, the shuttle moves into the open shed through the race board

Picking is done

The spring causes the picking arm and picker to move back after the delivery of a pick.

Picking is the second primary motion in weaving. It consists of passing a pick of weft between the upper and lower lines of a divided warp. It builds up half of the cloth. The shuttle is the vehicle of weft for picking in the conventional and automatic looms.

When the bottom shaft rotates the picking tappet moves downwards. It will strike the picking cone mounted on the vertical shaft. The rotary motion of the bottom shaft has transferred to the vertical shaft and moves it partially. It will give motion to the picking stick mounted at the top. The picking stick moves forward and the picker will strike the shuttle. Therefore, the shuttle moves from one side to the other. A similar arrangement fixed on the other side of the loom.

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