Flow Chart of Garment Fusing Process


Fusing is an alternative method of joining fabric. It is widely used to attach the interlining. Nowadays, garment manufacturing cannot be imagined without fusing. The resin coating of interlining melted by heating into the fabric under pressure and when it becomes cool and hard; both fabric and interlining are attached strongly. Fusing is controlled by four processing components such as temperature, time, pressure, and cooling. Flow chart of garment fusing process is as follows:

Flow Chart of Garment Fusing Process
Garment Fusing

Flow Chart of Garment Fusing Process:

Part of the garment is to be fused spread

The resinated interlining surface is placed and applied required pressure and temperature

Resin on the coating of interlining is melted by heat into the fabric under pressure

It becomes cool and hard both the fabric and interlining is attached

Types of Fusing in Garments:

  1. Reverse fusing,
  2. Sandwich fusing,
  3. Double fusing.

All the above processes are explained in the following:

1. Reverse fusing:

In this process, the fabric of interlining is spread on the fusing bed and the part consists of resin is directed upward. Then the fabric of garments is spread on the resonated part of fabric and fusing is done there. This is called reverse fusing.

2. Sandwich fusing:

In this, fusing is done by a continuous fusing machine. Where the heat is applied from both sides of the fabric. In this process, two pairs of fabrics are fused i.e. the two interlinings are placed between or in the middle of two fabrics of apparel. If the heat and pressure are not applied properly then four layers may be joined due to the effect of striking back during fusing. By using this process, the production can be increased but needs more time.

3. Double fusing:

In this process, two types of interlining are joined with the garment fabrics. There is needed to control the temperature during fusing. It must be able to set the interlinings parts and garment parts properly. This type of fusing is generally done in the collar and the front part of the jacket.

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