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Flow Chart of Garment Fusing Process

Flow Chart of Garment Fusing Process
Mayedul Islam
Merchandiser at Fashion Xpress Buying House.
Badda, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Fusing is an alternative method of joining fabric. It is widely used to attach the interlining. Now a days, garment manufacturing cannot be imagined without fusing. Resin coating of interlining melted by heating into the fabric under pressure and when it becomes cool and hard; both fabric and interlining are attached strongly. Fusing is controlled by four processing components such as temperature, time, pressure and cooling.
Fusing process
Fusing process
Flow Chart of Garment Fusing Process:

Part of garment is to be fused spreaded

Resinated interlining surface is placed and applied required pressure and temperature

Resin on coating of interlining is melt by heat in to the fabric under pressure

It becomes cool and hard both the fabric and interlining is attached

You can see the video on Fusing: