Flow Chart of Output Section in Garments Industry

Everybody we know that the garments industry has four sections. They are the Sample section, Cutting section, Sewing section, and Finishing section. In this article, I will write on the flowchart of output section in garments industry.

But in garment production, there are also three sections. They are:

  1. Input section
  2. Making Section
  3. Output Section
Output Section in Garments Industry
Accessories attaching in garments

Flow Chart of Output Section in Garments Industry

Collar preparation

Cuff preparation

Flap preparation

Label attach with back yoke

Box plate preparation

Button plate preparation

Back part pleat making

Yoke join

Pocket join

Flap join

Collar join

Sleeve preparation

Sleeve join

Care label attaching

Side seam join

Cuff join

Bottom hem making

Buttonhole making

Button attaching

Go to finishing

Author of this Article:
Noor Ahmed Raaz
 Asst. Merchandiser
 A.M.C.S Textile Ltd
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