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Maintenance Flow Chart of Circular Knitting Machine

Maintenance Flow Chart of Circular Knitting Machine
Raju Tex
Knitting Technologist, B.J.Group
Chittagong Textile Engineering College

Circular knitting machine is widely used throughout the knitting industry to produce fabric. This machine can be used either as fabric or for making garments completely with fancy stitch. Normally latch needle is used in modern circular knitting machine. Maintenance is necessary to get better working efficiency. In this post maintenance process of circular knitting machine are given below.
Maintenance of circular knitting machine
Maintenance Sequence of Circular Knitting Machine:

Power on/off

MPF/Positive feeder current line off

MPF belt out/loss

Yarn cut

Fabric out by handle

Cleaning and Oiling

Cam box out

Needle & sinker out

Needle & sinker cleaning by oil

Cam box cleaning by air

After opening & cleaning, m/c is leveled by using leveling meter and follows the reverse process to ready the m/c.