Process Flow Chart of Hessian Yarn

Hessian yarn: 

Hessian yarn is finer than sacking yarn. It is used to produce finer fabric like Carpet Backing Cloth (CBC). Traditionally the yarn count of the Hessian is being 8 and sometimes 10. 8 counts in Jute Industry. Normally Tossa Cross Cut and Tossa Cut and Some Cross Bottom Jute are used to make the preliminary Batch for producing hessian yarn. Process Flow Chart of Hessian Yarn is as follows:

Flow Chart of Hessian Yarn
Hessian yarn

Process Flow Chart of Hessian /Carpet Batching Yarn

Bale selection


Breaker card

Finisher card

1st drawing

2nd drawing

Finisher drawing


Hessian Yarn


Spool winding

Yan package


Raw jute is processed in mills to produce hessian, sacking, jute yarn, bags, and other useful products. Jute bales are opened, and good quality of raw jute is selected and sent to softening section. Normally, a jute softener machine is used to soften the gummy and raw jute. Then the jute is piled where moisture penetrates inside the fibre and softens the hard part of the root. Then comes the carding process where jute fibers are split and unrelated matters are removed. Here jute fibers are made into ribbons called silver. The thickness and width of the silvers obtained are now reduced through the drawing process.

Once the silver is processed through the drawing process, yarn from the silver is taken through the spinning process. Here silvers are stretched out and twisted into yarn. Then the yarn is winded into spools in the winding process. Now the yarn is woven into the fabric. Two types of weaving, hessian where threads are manually changed, and sacking where threads are automatically changed, are used to weave the yarn into the fabric of desired quality. Then comes the damping process where water is sprinkled manually on the fabric to provide moisture. The wet fabric is then ironed which is called calendaring. Then the cloth is folded in the desired size, cut and is sewn.

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