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Working Flow Chart of Garment Buying House

Working Flow Chart of Garment Buying House
Mayedul Islam
Merchandiser at Fashion Xpress Buying House.
Badda, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Garment Buying House:
Garment buying house works as mediator between garment buyers (retailers) and garment manufacturers. Garment Buying houses try to communicate with buyers of other countries who want to buy garment products. This process also called merchandising. Buying house is also known buying agency and buying office. Buying office may be buyer’s regional office or an independent company that works with multiple buyers. Basically garment buying house is a office with some testing machine and equipments, as it is not directly execute the order. Working process of an apparel buying house is a complex process. Here working process flowchart of garment buying house is given below.
garment buying house
Common scenery of garment buying house
Working Flow Chart of Garment Buying House

Contact with the Buyer



Send L/C to the Garment

Develop the product

Inspection by Buying House

Complete working paper or document for shipping

Send one copy to the bank↔Attach one copy with the product