Flow Chart of Compact Yarn Manufacturing

Compact spinning: 

The compact yarn has substantially smaller hairiness at a very good world level, below 5% for carded yarns, and likewise for combed yarn. Compact yarn is produced from the compact spinning process. Compact spinning is a process where a fiber strand drawn by a drafting system is condensed before twisting it. The production cost of compact yarn is higher than other types of yarn because of the high prices of compact spinning frames. Flow Chart of Compact Yarn Manufacturing are as follows:

Compact Yarn spinning

Flow Chart of Compact Yarn Manufacturing





Lap forming



Roving manufacturing

Compact spinning


Compact spinning is a novel concept generated through re-engineering of established ring spinning process by attaching a pneumatic zone to an existing ring spinning machine. Compact spinning achieves a remarkable improvement in yarn quality and yarn structure through better utilization of fibre properties. The advantageous yarn characteristics provide better opportunities for cost savings in subsequent processing stages. Another interesting aspect is the possibility of developing new textile products using compact spinning. There are three major manufacturers in the field of compact spinning machines namely, Sussex (Elite spinning), Rieter (Comfort spin), and Zinser (Air-Com- Tex 700). The first launch of Elite spinning machine in India faced a setback due to few practical problems like inadequate lubricating film on a ring (does not allow the maximum. spindle speed to be achieved), higher maintenance cost, higher labour cost and apron clogging due to accumulation of fly. However, with further developments, compact spinning will certainly be the future of ring spinning, on account of its higher productivity and yarn quality.

Compact spinning is a new, revolutionary version of the ring spinning process, which achieves a remarkable improvement in yarn quality and yarn structure. This progress is so significant that, in fact, compact yarns
definitely lead to a new yarn generation.

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