Flow Chart of Re-dyeing / Shade Dyeing Process

When the dyed sample is not totally matched with the approved shade than only for testing this process is applied for getting the desired shade. So, this process is called the Re-dyeing process. But this not our desire to apply this process. Here I will give a flow chart of the re-dyeing / shade dyeing process.

Shade Dyeing Process

Flow Chart of Re- dyeing / Shade Dyeing Process

Cut the dyed fabric 12// × 12//.

Then take 10-liter water.

Then add 5grm dyes in this water at 70oC.

After that stirring very well for 10 min.

Then take –out the fabric from the bath.

Then at 60 oC temperature with 2 liters of water the hot wash and cold wash will be done.

Then the fabric is dried and observed the dyed sample with approved shade.

Garment dyeing, one of the finishing operations, allows the manufacturer to produce special color effects that may not be feasible from continuous processed fabric. The demand from retailers for rapid response to fashion and color changes has resulted in some specialty garment manufacturers producing products. That can meet this requirement using fabric that has been previously prepared for dyeing when the garment is made. The made-up garments, then processed to their respective colors by specialized garment dyers. Thus, short runs of a specific product are therefore possible with the advantage of more economical garment production when only an uncolored fabric is being used. This reduces wastage and lowers the cost of stock when only a single fabric type is required.

Normally we dye fiber, yarn, or fabric. Then dyed and finished will use for making garments. In the case of garment dyeing, the garments will make from grey fabric and then the garments are dyed in the required color and shade.

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