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Flow Chart of Softener Silicon Wash

Flow Chart of Softener Silicone Wash
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Softener Silicon Wash:
For this washing we can use softener and silicon together. To make the surface slippery silicone is used and softener is used to make the cellulose soft. We can get both hand feel and soft feel at a time. The softener can be cationic and nonionic.
Softener silicon washed t-shirt
Softener silicon washed t-shirt
  • Wash Type : Softener Silicone Wash
  • Fabric : Twill
  • Color : Leo Print
  • Quantity : 150 Pcs
Flowchart of Softener Silicon Wash


Hot Dry

Cool Dry

For softening 5 kg Mesoft-CCS Flakes (Cationic) and 500 liter water are used. It is done for 5 minutes at cool temperature.

Hot dry
It is done for 60 minutes at
700C temperature.

Cool dry
It is done for 20 minutes at cool temperature.

Problems of softener silicon wash
  • Sometimes garments hand feel is less.
  • Sometimes color bleeding may occur.
  • Color can also be changed.
Solutions of softener silicon wash
  • Before the washing has been completed, hand feel need to be checked.
  • We should select the softener according to fabric nature.