Flow Chart of Burn Washing on Knit T-shirt

Here, carbonization of the wool theory is used to burn the cellulosic fiber with the help of sulphuric acid. Normally sulphuric acid is used mostly for burn washing. But we use acid salt instead of sulphuric acid. Flow Chart of Burn Washing on Knit T-shirt is as follow:


For 2 sample of T-shirt washing, garments weight 260gms;

  • Acid salt …………..200gm/l
  • Caustic soda ………..1gm/l
  • Time (depends on burning) ………..2-3 mints
  • No need for temperature.

Flow Chart of Burn Washing on Knit T-shirt

Flow Chart of Burn Washing on T-shirt

First acid salt solution is sprayed on the foam properly

Then sample is loaded on m/c & run 2-3 mints

Sample out & drying at 700C x 20min

Then caustic soda treatment for neutralization

Cold wash

Again drying


In the garments burn washing plant, a lot of machines are used for different purposes. Where some machines are used in the dry process and the rest of those are used in the wet process of the garments washing plant. Different types of machines use in garment washing plants are also discussed in this article.

Types of Machine Used in Garments Washing Plant:

  1. Sample washing machine,
  2. Sideloading washing machine,
  3. Front loading washing machine,
  4. Hydro extractor machine,
  5. Steam dryer,
  6. Gas dryer,
  7. Chemical mixing machine,
  8. Industrial woven – Gas,
  9. Industrial woven (Electric),
  10. Boiler,
  11. Submersible pump,
  12. Grinding machine,
  13. Tagging machine,
  14. Steam chamber for crinkle,
  15. Effluent treatment plant – E.T.P
  16. Generator,
  17. Sandblasting gun,
  18. Sandblasting chamber,
  19. Spray gun,
  20. Spray dummy,
  21. Screw compressor
  22. Laser Draw.

To create a vintage effect & worn-out look on the garments washing is very important. Garments washing has to done on the clothing to modify the outlook, introduce a unique appearance in the clothing, remove sizing materials from the clothing. It’ll make the apparel softer. To satisfy the customer, introduce fading effect, and create new fashion garments washing is an important part of the garments. Nowadays the demand for garments washing is increasing due to buyers’ requirements. Garments washing also applies to knit garments. So the people who are working in the textile sector might have to proper knowledge of garments washing.

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