Flow Chart of Wet Processing Process

Wet Processing:

The process is applied to textile in form of liquid which involves some chemical action on the textile is called wet processing. Wet processing is one of the major streams in textile engineering refers to textile chemical processing. Normally wet processing includes desizing, scouring, bleaching, dyeing, printing, and finishing, etc. Flow Chart of Wet Processing Process is as follows:

Chart of Wet Processing Process

Flow Chart of Wet Processing Process (Cotton Goods)

Grey Fabric Inspection

Sewing or Stitching













Fixing/ Curing



Final Inspection



This is the most widely used wet processing flowchart in the contemporary textile industry. But sometimes on some factories the scouring and bleaching are done simultaneously.

The main objective of wet processing in cotton is to take a gray cloth and make it a finished fabric. It can make garments by taking them into too many wet processing techniques. The wet processing process makes the fabric more useable, more fine, and more attractive to the consumer. Wet processing is two single words but means one thing but if it describes, and then it will be a vast process. A wet process is a process that starts with a process and gets the end by step by step process. One uncompleted process can ruin the next process so each process is equally important.

Wet processing is so much important in the textile industry. Especially for natural fiber, cotton is one of them. wet processing is a step to take to make a fiber appropriate to make it yearn. cotton fibers have impurities and they contain the unusable material into the yearning so that it’s resistant to use that fiber. sometimes wet processing makes the cotton more smooth and usable. maximum count of yearning also depends on good quality wet processing. Cotton is one of them that is listed as a highly valuable natural fiber so extra take care of cotton is important.

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