All about flow chart of textiles

Process Flowchart of Textile Engineering

Process Flowchart of Textile Engineering

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Textile and Textile Engineering:

The word ‘Textile’ originates from the latin verb ‘Texere’-to weave but according to Textile Institute “A general term applied to any manufacture from fibers, filaments or yarns characteristics by flexibility, fineness and high ratio of length to thickness. Textile engineering, also known as textile technology. Flowchart of textile engineering are given below.
Textile engineering
Textile engineering
Process Flowchart of Textile Engineering

Input/Raw Materials ................. Processing Steps ................................ Output

Textile Fibers →→→ →→→ Yarn Manufacturing  →→→ →→→ Yarn
(Spinning Mill)

Yarn→ → → → → →→ Fabric Manufacturing →→→ →→→Grey Fabrics
(Weaving/Knitting Industry)

Grey Fabrics → → → → → →Wet Processing  →→→ →→→Finished Fabrics
(Dyeing, Printing & Finishing Industry)

Finished Fabrics → → →  →Garment Manufacturing →→ →→→ Garments
(Garment Industry)