Flow Chart of Sweater Manufacturing Process

The sweater is one kind of knitted fabric. It is very usable in cold weather. It’s very demandable in winder based country. It is a smart dress also. Maximum garments buyers import sweater from Bangladesh. In this article, the flow chart of the sweater Manufacturing Process is given below.

Flow Chart of Sweater Manufacturing Process
Sweater Manufacturing

Flow Chart of Sweater Manufacturing Process



First inspection


Trimming and Mending

Second inspection





Label attaching

Third inspection

Poly packing


Inspection by buyer


All the processes are discussed in the below table:
Winding of yarnsHere, by using the winding machine, yarns are wound into cones from hanks, which are stored for production.
Knitting start
of sweater panels
According to the buyer’s provided sample, sweater panels are knitted here. The number of panels can vary for different sweater styles. A single worker makes all the sweater panel here.
First InspectionAfter making sweater panels it’s checked by online Q.C. If found any problem, immediately rectified by the operator.
Linking of panelsHere, by using the linking machine, all the sweater panels are joined according to buyers providing samples.
Second InspectionAfter linking of all panels, it’s checked by online Q.C here. if found any problem, immediately takes the necessary steps.
TrimmingIn this process, loose yarns are trimmed by using the trimmer.
Making buttonholeAccording to the buyer’s approved sample, all the required buttonholes are made here also zippers are attached here.
WashingIn this stage, the sweater is sent o the washing section for completing the required wash.
LabelingHere, required labels are attached to the sweater by using a sewing machine.
IroningAccording to the buyer’s provided measurement sheet, sweater garments are ironed here by using a steam iron.
Third InspectionAfter completing all the above processes, the factory quality team inspects the clothing according to buyers’ demand
CartooningAll the sweater garments are folded and packed here and make ready for shipment.
Final inspectionFinally, the buyer’s nominated quality team inspects the sweater garments here according to the buyer’s instruction.
ShipmentFinally, all the goods are sent to the shipping port.
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