Process Flow Chart of Normal Wash

Normal Wash: 

Normal wash is the process in which heavy or slight soiling is removed and transferred to the water in the form of a solution or dispersion. This wash consists of washing garments in hot water with adequate detergent and softener, rinse in plain water and dry in tumble dryer until it is 100% dry. Some sodium is added to lend the garment a prominent washed look. Water temperature, the proportion of components of the wash is adjusted as per the requirement of wash and types of fabric, the garment is made of. The flow chart of the normal wash is as follows:

Flow Chart of Normal Wash
Normal Washing

Flow Chart of Normal Wash








Washing is the best practice in garments manufacturing methodology or technique. Hope this article will help you enrich your knowledge of Garments Washing Factory. In the garments washing plant, a lot of machines are used for different purposes. Where some machines are used in the dry process and the rest of those are used in the wet process of the garments washing plant. Different types of machines use in garment washing plants are also discussed in this article.

Types of Machine Used in Garments Washing Plant:

  1. Sample washing machine,
  2. Sideloading washing machine
  3. Front loading washing machine,
  4. Hydro extractor machine,
  5. Steam dryer,
  6. Gas dryer,
  7. Chemical mixing machine,
  8. Industrial woven – Gas.
  9. Industrial woven (Electric).
  10. Boiler,
  11. Submersible pump,
  12. Grinding machine,
  13. Tagging machine.
  14. Steam chamber for crinkle,
  15. Effluent treatment plant.
  16. Generator,
  17. Sandblasting gun,
  18. Sandblasting chamber.
  19. Spray gun,
  20. Spray dummy,
  21. Screw compressor
  22. Laser Draw and so on.

To create a vintage effect & worn-out look on the garments washing is very important. Garments washing has to done on the clothing to modify the outlook, to introduce a unique appearance in the clothing, to remove sizing materials from the clothing. It’ll make the apparel softer. Nowadays the demand for garments washing is increasing due to buyers’ requirements. Garments washing also applies to knit garments. So the people who are working in the textile sector might have to proper knowledge of garments washing.

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