Flow Chart of Polo Shirt Manufacturing Process

A polo shirt, also known as a golf shirt and tennis shirt, is a form of shirt with a collar, a placket with typically two or three buttons, and an optional pocket. It is the most stylish and popular dress in the apparel world. Polo shirt mainly dresses for men but women also wear. The collar is the basic difference between a t-shirt and a polo shirt. A Polo shirt has a collar and a t-shirt, has not it? Polo shirt is produced abundantly in the Bangladeshi apparel industry. The manufacturing process of the polo shirt is divided into some steps. A stepwise flow chart of polo shirt manufacturing process is given below.

Chart of Polo Shirt Manufacturing
Polo Shirt

Flow Chart of Polo Shirt Manufacturing Process

A. Collar making:  

Collar making by flat knitting m/c or collar making by fabric. If the collar is made of fabric then we have to follow the following process-

Interlining attached on the front part of the collar

Sewing mark around the collar

Sewing the two-part of the collar

Collar edge cutting

Collar turning  

Topstitch around the collar

Collar bottom cutting

Mark the midpoint of the collar

B. Placket making:

Interlining attach on packet with iron

Topstitch on the packet in the length direction

Bottom sewing mark

C. Sleeve making:

Sleeve hemming

The side seam of the sleeve

Turning of sleeve

D. Body making and assembling:

Shoulder joint with tape

Placket attach with body

Buttonhole on upper placket

Button attach on lower placket

Right side seam

Bottom hemming

Left side seam with a care label

Both sleeves attach

Collar join

Back taping

Bottom tuck

Types of T-shirt:

1. Crew-neck style: It is characterized by a round, circular neckline that fits snugly at the neck and works best on men with long, narrow faces and sloped shoulders to create a well-rounded silhouette.

2. V-neck style: As the name suggests, this type of t-shirt forms a V shape at the neck.

3. The Henley y-neck style: The Henley or Y-neck t-shirt is best described as a hybrid between the crew and the V necklines.

4. Polo t-shirt Collar style: Polo t-shirts are made famous by golfers and the collared variety adorned with buttons adds a sense of formality to the look.

5. The Scoop Neck Style: Unlike other types of sweaters, the gilet can be worn on formal occasions paired with a blazer and tie instead of the vest pocket.

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