Flow Chart of Production Planning in Textile Industry

Production Planning:

Planned work brings success. Without planning nothing is completed within the required time. So planning has its own importance which is intolerable. “Planning” gives a scheduled task and ‘control’ completes it successfully. But production planning and control is not an easy task. A flowchart of production planning in textile industry is given below.

Flow Chart of Production Planning in Textile Industry

Flow Chart of Production Planning in Textile Industry


Lab dip

Lab dip approval

Sample production

Sample approval & Order for bulk production


Sample production according to buyer recommendation

Bulk knitting production







Garment section 

Production Planning and Control:

PPC means production planning and control. PPC department is related not only to planning garments productions. But also to control the production. The main functions of productions planning and control (PPC) are follow-up and execution of garment export order, job scheduling, material resource planning, facility location, loading production, process selection and planning, capacity planning, line planning, estimating quantity and costs of production.

Objective of Production Planning in Textile Industry:

Production planning is a very important department in the garments industry. Production planning is the controlling aspect of the garments industry. It is involves everything & every task in the process to execute the delivery of goods within the time frame. So, production planning is the controlling of production & manufacturing process determined by time frame. The planning department plans every style to execution the order within the time limit. Without a time frame garment cannot sustain so the garment industry must follow every task by scheduling. Each order has a delivery date & the production plan department follows the production plan on the base of the delivery date. They know when fabric & trims in-house in the factory will. Basically, some of the fabric & trims come from local & internationally. So, they plan both options on the basis of the delivery date.

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